Regarding access from China

This site,
Access from China is sometimes,
It seems that they are coming a little, so
I dared to write an article.

About access from China

★★ Notice ★★

Most of the content on this site, except for some content,
It is possible to access from mainland China (hereinafter referred to as China). Unfortunately
The following contents of the SNS button may not be accessible from China.

★ SNS bird mark (Twi ◯ ter)
★ SNS camera mark (Inst ◯ gram)

In addition, the manager is a novel, a talk novel, etc.
As creative content
Forest page +
"Flame" which is a part of the contents of this site developed by the service
As of November 25, 2020, access from China is possible, but
Since it is not a page of the domain managed by the administrator, it is undeniable that the page may suddenly disappear one day.

Also, for the same reason, there is a risk that this site will suddenly disappear one day, so
Please understand.

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