[Important] Request about the user name of the battle thread

The content of this site [Battle Thread],
For regular updates and maintenance
Since the administrator is browsing the player data and correcting the rank of the player character that meets the conditions each time, I decided to set guidelines for user names without permission.

Although emoji and environment-dependent characters give a fashionable impression,
On the other hand, it may cause garbled characters, so
If you cooperate and agree, you can manage it with confidence, so please read it before playing.

★ About user name ★

Please do not use character arrays that meet the following conditions.
If used,
At the discretion of the manager, we will change the pseudonym name that we have prepared each time.

★ emoji (emoji), a colorful mark that can be entered on so-called smartphone terminals.

★ Hangul (Korean), Simplified Chinese (using mainland China),
Arabic characters and other environment-dependent characters in general.

★ Other rants and discriminatory terms in general.

emoji and
About remarks in threads of environment-dependent characters

Since it is okay to use emoji and environment-dependent characters in the thread,
Please feel free to speak up.

It's a long sentence, so
For the time being, around here.