About the operation of the battle thread "Posted in duplicate without permission !?"

As of November 28, 2020,
If you log in with some terminals and some browsers used in the battle thread, it seems that there is a problem that the text posted when you logged in last time is automatically posted without permission, so I will report it.

If you would like the following information on the smartphone terminal where the problem occurred, please write it in the comment section.
I'm hoping that I can list it by creating an operation list. I look forward to working with you.

○ Smartphone model ○

○ Smartphone version ○
(Android version for Android,
iOS version for iPhone such as iOS)

○ Browser application name used on smartphone ○

[What to do if something goes wrong]

★ Use a different browser app.
→ For iOS, Chrome app etc.

★ Update iOS or Android to the latest version.
→ Since the author was the latest version of iOS, this bug has not occurred so far, so it may be related.

★ Delete the browser history.