2020/12/26 Site Update Report [Digimon Fan Page Appears]

A link to a special page created by the administrator for Digimon fans has been added to the text link in the menu column on the top of the homepage. There are battle threads for Digimon fans, drawing chats, and drawing bulletin boards.

Since the rules will be described accordingly,
If you don't mind, please read the rules before accessing the page for Digimon fans.

Information office

★ Because it is basically a page for Digimon fans
I want so-called anti-people who have a dislike for Digimon to go through.
(Anti is not used on the right side

★ In the spoiler version, the text is basically hidden, so
Don't abuse it. Let's use it correctly.

★ Do not write illustrations designated by adults on both the drawing board and the drawing chat.

★ On drawing bulletin boards and drawing chats, basically only illustrations related to Digimon.
(If you collaborate with other works with crossover, you can use other than Digimon,
In the case of an original Digimon or anthropomorphic, please add settings and explanations. )

★ Because various people are watching
Refrain from personal vandalism, swearing at others, and taking mounts (lifting).

Below, compatible terminals

All contents of this Digimon fan page are
Compatible with PCs, smartphones and tablets,
If possible, always be up-to-date when using a smartphone terminal
Bugs will be reduced by updating the OS.
Also, since all pages including this site and Digimon fan pages are updated on PCs and tablets,
Depending on the terminal size when browsing from a smartphone
Paragraphs may look unnatural,
Please note that this is a specification.

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