What you make on your iPad

In a pseudo-computer environment using an iPad and a bluetooth keyboard, we are making small things using an example app that can edit the site.

It's a free app that can be used on iPhone and iPad,
It has HTML editing, preview function, and FTP upload function, so basically you can complete it without a computer if you have this and a backup application such as Dropbox or OneDrive.

However, it was spoiled for a while
After editing and updating the CGI script,
The permissions are initialized without permission and a 500 error is thrown! Also, the permission setting screen is probably a little too small, so it's better to do the CGI application on your computer!

However, it is certain that it can be used quite well except in cases where permission setting is required like CGI.
For the time being, I'm thinking of editing pages using this software.

Without CGI w

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