Digimon's secondary creation site genre

Royal Knights BL

For a while, at the Keitai Homepage Forest
The boy's love of the digital monster Royal Knights was popular, but since it is based on the Knights of the Round Table, considering that, the position is exactly like the boy's love of the Shinsengumi, an organization of the late Tokugawa period in Japan. Is.

If you think of the shogun of the shogunate as Yggdrasil, it is clear that the structures are similar.

However, due to the lack of specifications (probably) of the mobile homepage forest page and the fashion of Twitter and pixiv, it became obsolete.

In addition, it seems that a minority of people have techniques to utilize Gankumon and Examon in their novels.

Seven Great Demon King Neta

A story dealing with those 7 Demon Kings of Digital Monsters with the motif of the Seven Deadly Sins.
In addition, among the Seven Great Demon Kings, only Belzebmon can be used as the content of the site by itself.
The runner-up is Lilithmon and Lucemon.
At least, it is very difficult to become a popular site only with other Demon King Digimon such as Demon, Barbamon, and Leviamon Belphemon, and in that case, it is better to make the Seven Great Demon Kings into a family.

Along the anime

If you collect 10 people, one person
Isn't it an anime script copy?
Is being criticized,
Seen from the enemy in Digimon animation,
Or if you dare to tell the story of Taichi starring from a different character such as Agumon or Yamato, it will be finished as a work.
However, since everyone knows the final episode, it is rather the most difficult genre when thinking about it.