Is Jeri Katou x Imp (Belze) Julibel possible?

It's a guess delusion that the writer who has seen Digimon Adventure tri. To the end suddenly thinks about it, but please.

The reason why the Mei-Mon of Digimon Adventure tri. Has become such a thing with the data of Akapolimon.
The theory is in a sense Impmon of Digimon Tamers (Belzebumon)
I wonder if it can be applied to.

In the so-called Digimon Tamers,
Impmon is said to contain Leomon data, so
If the Leomon data shows that Jeri Kato has a positive feeling that is close to a love affair, Impmon (Belzebumon) that contains the data inevitably.
Of course, I think it will have an impact.

And that's it

Julibel Bomb!

I can only think of it.

Well, the combination is good, but
For the author, considering the age, Julibel is also delicious in many ways if it can be turned into a love story.

Well, I had been secretly planning to make Impmon a boy for a long time, so (I'm guessing at the runner-up in that plan).
After all Aimako is good, but I think Julibel is also good for age w

You can also worship Julibel in an online game called Digimon Masters!