Bell setting book

What is the mascot character Suzutaso in the secondary creation of Digimon on this site?

As you know, the motif is the Digimon Impmon.
To resume with the people who really want to meet
I was able to return to the real world with restrictions, but! The setting that it has become a boy.
The following is the setting document for Suzu. Look at it in your spare time.

Too basic settings

In addition to the tactile sensation of Impmon
As for the hairstyle, it is a casual hair between short wolf and short hair.
The age seems to be 10-12 years old in humans. Appearance.
If you do your best, you can suddenly evolve into Belzebmon Blast Mode, but the degree of fatigue is not odd.
Navel look and shorts. The devil's tail is charming.

X antibody? Bajon

See thumbnail.
The inverted green eyes are too creepy and are hidden by an eyepatch to control the power of the devil.
The other eye is discolored to red. The X antibody version seems to change under special conditions.
The navel look is still charming.

Height setting

Height about 130 cm (typical height)
Blood type AB type classification in humans. In the next term, I was looking down at the O-type existence Nagiri Ochi, which is called by humans.
Birthday April 27 (Taurus. Reading is Aju? Death ◯!)
Basic personality Behaves cheeky but is really kind.
X-antibody personality Chunibyo element enters with evil eyes.
My favorite Mazda bakery bread (pretending to dislike ostensibly),
Fruits, cigarettes (from a cigarette-like appearance)
Disliked food There is no disliked food because it is just a tentative figure of the devil of eating.

Regarding derivative works

Please do it yourself.
However, the fact that R designation is included is a bit disappointing, so
Please forgive me. Then everyone's bells are waiting.

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