Mobile first

There is also a part of mobile first,
The design of this site has been further simplified.
With the old design, it was difficult to tap the menu button, so this time I intend to make it simple.

Below is a recent recent report

Recently I've been watching Digimon Frontier via Amazon Prime. Digimon Frontier is a work that I couldn't see in real time, so I was destined to learn it. .. .. Maybe.

So far, I have watched up to 11 episodes,
This work has no partner Digimon, so
The feelings of the children are drawn even more realistically,
In that sense, it is slightly higher than Digimon Adventure, which is currently being broadcast (as of 2021/04/13).

In addition, there is also the concept of a Digimon squadron thing,
Even in that respect, he is on the royal road of frustration and victory.

Personally, Lanamon will appear from episode 12, so
I also expect a little.

That's why the recent situation is over!

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